Linhai Haihua Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980. It is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of automobile rubber tubes and rubber&plastic parts. Since 1989, it has become a formal supplier for Dongfeng Motor Company. At present, it is supporting dozens of domestic and foreign main engine factories, such as Cummins, Xiamen Jinlong, Yangzhou Yaxing, etc. The company has 18 million RMB fixed assets and 8000 square meters of plant area. There are more than 20% professional and technical personnel in the company.Ithas got the certificate of ISO9002, ISO9001:2000, QS9000, FIA16949 and so on.

Hangzhou Haihua Import And Export Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Linhai Haihua Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd., established in 2005. It is becoming a comprehensive company now which supply not only our factory products but also the accessories for Cooling System & Fuel System & Intake System.We have a team of 30 people with an average age of 30, full of creativity and vitality, who like to accept new things. At present, we also cooperate with Zhejiang University (top 3 in China) in industrial technology development.

The company's products involve thousands of specifications and varieties of rubber products, such as radiator hose, air filter hose, silicone rubber hose, special-shaped knitted hose, steel wire bellows, etc., which are applied in various fields such as trucks, buses, cars, engineering machinery, ships, etc. The leading products are steel wire clip rubber hose series, which are novel and convenient in structure, strong and durable, and are listed in the new utility patent by the national patent office (Patent No. 9120339-2).The silicone hose products which developed in recent years,whose strong resistance to high temperature and high pressure can meet the needs of various supercharged engines ,are favored by the majorityofautomobile manufacturers and users.


Ying Shizhen,born in October 1949, is considered to be born in the same month as New China.


Ying Shizhen, who had been a soldier for 7 years, retired in 1976 and returned to his hometown Linhai, Taizhou, Zhejiang. At that time in rural China, "poor" was a common phenomenon. How to get rid of poverty has become a problem that many ambitious young people often think about.


The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in 1978.Our country decided to shift the focus of the work of the party and the country to economic construction, which allowed Ying Shizhen to see the opportunity.


With the 700 yuan raised from the villagers, Ying Shizhen started from manufacturing rubber shoes and set up his first factory.


Main Products:Rubber tread of shoes leather.


Ying Shihua occasionally learned at an exhibition that Dongfeng Motor was looking for a supplier to produce hoses, and this product could be produced by Haihua Factory.


Start to develop Molded Steel wire reinforced hoses


Haihua became the official supplier of Dongfeng Motor. The moulding production process of the steel wire cloth has obtained the national invention patent. Since then, Haihua Factory has entered the automotive rubber tube industry. Today, in addition to Dongfeng, Haihuan hose is also active in the supply lines of major OEMs such as Weichai Power and Dongfeng Cummins.
Succeed in exploring Steel wire reinforced hoses.


Got the Patent for the Steel wire reinforced hoses,Solved the combination between rubber and steel.
Stared to cooperate with Dongfeng Truck Group .Mainly supplied steel wire reinforced hoses.


Passed the A-level supplier certification of Dongfeng.


Started to develop silicone hose


Succeed in exploring the silicone hose.
Started to cooperate with DCEC,mainly supply Cummins B&C Series Hose.


Started to cooperate with King Long Bus China,mainly supply CAC series flexible hose.


Became the supplier of Perkins China, mainly supply Vehicles which Using flexible hoses.


Hangzhou Haihua Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 .The products began to enter the international market.


Became the formal supplier of Ingersoll Rand and Doosan Group.


Cooperated with the Technique Developing Center of Zhejiang University to
research and develop the rubber&Plastic products used in vehicles.


Began to research and develop silicone hose kits for hydrogen fuel cell system and became a supplier of Ballard.


Ying Ren retired, and Ying Renguang took over the general manager of Linhai Haihua.


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