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Feb, 2022 13

Hangzhou Haihua Company 2021 Annual Work Summary Conference

On January 25, 2022, the 2021 annual work summary meeting of Hangzhou Haihua Company was grandly held. More than 20 members of the company's team, management and employee representatives attended the meeting. Mr. Ying Renguang, the general manager of the head office, attended the meeting.
The meeting first listened to the work reports of various departments of the company in 2021. General Manager Ying Renguang made the company's annual work summary report on behalf of Hangzhou Haihua Company, and made arrangements for the work in 2022. The meeting also signed the 2022 military order for the salesmen of Haihua Company and issued corresponding awards to employees of various departments.

In the afternoon, a game session was held, with lottery sessions interspersed in the middle, and the summary meeting came to a close with everyone’s laughter.



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