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Frition Plate Limited Slip Differential(LSD)
The LSD is an advanced classification of the vehicle differential. Ordinary differentials will transmit all the driving force to the idler when one side of the wheel is slipping or off the ground. The vehicle can not only be used, but also a large amount of power will be consumed, while the limited slip differential can Avoid this situation.

Product info

1. Prevent complete loss of drive when one wheel slips which can occur with conventional differentials
2. Used in all forms of Motorsports, such as rallying, truck, drag and drift racing.
3. Improved traction leads to better acceleration.
4. Consistent traction out of corners means better exit speeds and shorter lap times
5. Inherently safe, never locks solid
6. Controlled power transmitted to all driven wheels, maximizes traction and minimizes wheel spin
7. Fully automatic operation
8. Eliminates unwanted torque-steer, under-steer and snatching characteristics of other types of LSD
9. Gear operated, no friction plates to wear or break
10. Benefits all year round regardless of traction conditions
11. Direct replacement for standard unit
12. Minimal maintenance requirements


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